European Hydrogen Backbone by Gas for Climate 2050



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    Published on Jan 29, 2021

This paper, authored by eleven gas infrastructure companies aims to provide a contribution towards accelerating a large scale-up of hydrogen by enabling its transport from supply to demand across Europe.


Gas for Climate 2050 with Guidehouse


A core European Hydrogen Backbone can be envisaged by 2040. This means that a pan-EU hydrogen infrastructure can be created with large corridors connecting the majority of West-European countries as well as valuable extensions into Central and Eastern Europe. By 2040, the proposed backbone can have a total length of 22,900 km, consisting of approximately 75% retrofitted existing infrastructure and 25% of new hydrogen pipelines. The proposed network should be able to adequately meet the 1130 TWh of annual hydrogen demand in Europe by 2040.


A load factor of 5,000 hours per year is used to calculate levelised transport costs in 2040. As shown is the table, the levelised cost of transporting hydrogen through the European Hydrogen Backbone is estimated to be between €0.09-0.17 per kilo of hydrogen per 1000 km.