New Online Hydrogen Platform

The HyJack platform helps you in sizing and costing hydrogen equipment. Explore & share latest tech reports, events and discover hydrogen ecosystem organisations.

Online Sizing & Costing

First level design of hydrogen assets. Handle inputs and outputs of hydrogen solution key components.

Access to multiple Hydrogen Assets
The platform evolves, news assets are introduced, equations and data are transparent and continuously updated.
Better & Faster estimations
The platform is designed to streamline your routine calculations on hydrogen.

Share & Download your results

Share easily your results in a professional format with colleagues and counterparties.

Customize Parameters Club Feature

Creating your free account will allow you to adjust the calculations with your own parameters.

Used by project developers from over 40 countries

Key components
+ 5
+ 2000
+ 10000

HyLights, Tech Insights

Find best tech articles, reports, graphics and maps. Discover latest trends of each technology.

Ready to share your best studies too? Create your free HyLights today.

Hydrogen Ecosystem

Identify potential partners and take your hydrogen project to the next level

To the next level

A hydrogen ecosystem

Discover the actors involved in the hydrogen sector, tech suppliers, consultants, operators, associations, institutions and regulators and much more.

Create your own page

As a hydrogen organisation create your page

Use the HyJack platform to showcase your hydrogen products and expertise

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Let's hijack the trend of greenhouse gas emissions - together.

It's time to jump-start truly sustainable solutions and push forward closer to Paris Agreement Target (+1.5°C).