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We help hydrogen professionals find your equipment

The pre-sales channel that does the work for you, leading to you qualified leads who know exactly what they want

Set-up your strategy & catalog Discover

Create brand awarness among low-carbon hydrogen professionals

Brand & Product Visibility

  • HyJack is used by hundreds of engineers & project developers every week to explore and design new hydrogen projects.
  • Seize the opportunity, get product awareness at the very early stages, when it matters the most.

Easy set-up

  • Less than 1 hour to set-up your company page.
  • No need to upload confidential or touchy information.

Receive qualified business leads from relevant energy professionals

Targeted match-making

  • Your solutions are displayed to users when they are designing their project and there is a strong fit.
  • The targeted professionals have immediate access to your high-level product specification sheet.

They contact you

  • Once an energy professional has become aware of your solution, he can reach directly to the defined contact point at your organisation.
  • You can now manage this new relationship via your preferred mode of communication.

Do marketing and pre-sales while you sleep

More Visibiliy

24/7 marketing & pre-sales with only 1h of set-up time.

Better leads

Target energy professionals that need exactly the product you develop.

New sales channel

Combine the reach of web marketing with the quality of human filtering.

No risk

No confidential data required. You always keep control over the information your share.

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  • Create brand awareness
  • Get your company page
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  • Free Visibility
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Standard Plan

  • Basic offer
  • Get contacted by qualified leads
  • Customer support
  • Customize your contact form
  • Annual license 4 000€ per company
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Premium Plan

  • Standard offer
  • Market intelligence reports
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  • Starting 15 000€ per company
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